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    Newsletter November 2019
12 December 2019
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Upcoming courses and activities
Grant Application Course ››
Root Ecology, 19-24 January 2020 ››
Game Theoretic Modelling with Maple 27-30 January 2020 ››
Overview of recently announced PhD / postdoc courses ››
Upcoming Events
Landscape Hunting with SENSE community, 14 December ››
International scientific conference on genetics for sustainable forest management, 27-31 January ››
NWO Synergy 2020: Changing Societies, 6 February ››
Upcoming PhD Graduations
Overview of PhD graduations upcoming ››
SENSE headlines
Grasping Sustainability, 9-13 March 2020

SENSE writing week, memoriam Arjen Hoekstra, Christmas
SENSE writing week  (30 March - 8 April 2020)
During this week you can fully concentrate on writing an article without the distraction of every day practice. The writing week will take place in a comfortable environment where you can spend the night. The presence of other PhD students will provide motivation, support and social contacts. Additionally, an English writing coach will guide you through the writing process with tips & tricks, feedback sessions and individual advice.
SENSE PhD Council (SPC)

Professor Arjen Hoekstra  in memoriam
A few weeks ago, we received the sad news that Professor Arjen Hoekstra suddenly passed away on the 18th November. He was only 52 years old. Arjen was a member of the General Board of the SENSE Research School since 2009 on behalf of the Water Management Group at TU Twente. He was best known for developing the concept of the water footprint assessment and has laid the basis for the calculation of water footprints for production processes and products as well as for consumers, businesses and nations. Arjen’s research is the embodiment of being path-breaking and societally relevant at the same time. We will remember Arjen as a very inspiring and dedicated member of the General Board of SENSE and our SENSE community. We will honor Arjen’s memory and his scientific legacy by working tirelessly towards making our SENSE community a place for path-breaking and societally relevant research.
The SENSE Directorate

Christmas Holidays
Daylight is sparse and winter is coming. This is the time of the year in which most of us spend time with friends and family instead of going to work. The foreigners amongst you might be unable to see their beloved ones. Fortunately you can spend a 'Christmassy' time with collegues by visiting a Dutch Christmas market with the SENSE community for instance. We hope that all of you will have a warm, cosy, merry Christmas. And for a happy new year we will have inspiring courses and events coming up! 
SENSE office
Upcoming courses
Grant Application Course 16-17 January 2020
Are you a PhD student, postdoc or starting group leader and do you want to enhance your career prospects in academia? Do you wish to improve one of the most vital skills of succeeding in science? Then join the BCF Grant Application Course on how to write a successful grant application. During this intensive two-day course you will be taught by seasoned scientists, grant application experts who have reviewed hundreds of grants, assessors from funding bodies such as NWO and many more.
Root Ecology, 19-24 January 2020
DThis postgraduate course focuses on root ecology, and how roots grow, function and interact with the surrounding environment. We will discuss differences and similarities between roots in natural ecosystems and roots of agricultural plants.
Game Theoretic Modelling with Maple, 27-30 January 2020
Maple is a powerful software system for performing a range of different symbolic and numerical calculations. Participants of the course can use this commercial software (also after the course) in the computer rooms of the Leeuwenborch. In the course you will learn MAPLE by applying it to specific game theoretic problems. During instructions we will focus on location games and mechanism design problems. In addition participants can bring their own modelling problem to class as we follow a learning-by-doing approach.
Overview of recently announced PhD / postdoc courses

In case you are interested in either participating or teaching a course that is currently not in the programme, please do not hesitate and contact us with your suggestions.
More upcoming courses ››
Upcoming Events
Landscape Hunting with SENSE community
During this event we will visit the Steenkolenmijn (coal mine) in Valkenburg, Limburg, NL, and get a guided tour to learn about the history of mining in The Netherlands. After this there will be time for Lunch in the city of Valkenburg. And since it’s Christmas time, we can visit the Christmas market Fluweelengrot, so you can do some shopping for Christmas presents or just enjoy the unique atmosphere.
International scientific conference on genetics for sustainable forest management, 
27-31 January 2020
The final GenTree project conference will showcasing its project results around four topics: genomes and the environment; local adaptation of climate change-related traits; conserving and using genetic diversity, and evolutionary management of forests.
NWO Synergy 2020: changing societies, 6 February 2020
Our world is changing constantly. This affects the Social Sciences and Humanities in many different ways: the main societal issues we focus on, the availability of funding, but also the way research is done and valued. At the same time is the world influenced by the knowledge and innovation that comes from SSH-research. This reciprocity between science and society will be our main theme this year.
Upcoming PhD graduations
Overview of PhD graduations upcoming period
  • Samayita Chakraborty
    Biovalorization of liquid and gaseous waste of oil refinery and petrochemical industry
    12 December 2019, IHE Delft (Pollution control and resource recovery)
  • Ciska Carolien Overbeek
    Peat formation on a former landfill - Production and decomposition of aquatic pioneer vegetation
    17 December 2019, University of Amsterdam (Freshwater and Marine Ecology)
    Overbeek's defense will be in Dutch!
  • Hermen Smit
    Making water security – A morphological account of Nile River development
    17 December 2019, IHE Delft (Water Governance)
  • Saritha Kittie Uda
    Sustainable Peatland Management in Indonesia: Towards better understanding of socio-ecological dynamics in tropical peatland management
    18 December 2019, Wageningen University, (Environmental Systems Analysis)
  • Rosanne Cornèlie Wielemaker Fertile cities: Nutrient flows from new sanitation to urban agriculture
    Wageningen University, Environmental Technology
    Graduation date: 19 December 2019
  • Alice Horton Towards a greater understanding of the presence, fate and ecological effects of microplastics in the freshwater environment
    19 December 2019, Leiden University (Institute of Environmental Sciences)
  • Tjitske Janelle Geertsema Water level and discharge dynamics in human-affected lowland rivers
    20 December 2019, Wageningen University (Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management)
  • Eiman Mohamed Fadul Bashir Risk management in spate irrigated agriculture- Case study: Gash Spate Agriculture Scheme-Sudan 
    8 January 2020, IHE Delft (Institute for Water Education)
More upcoming graduations ››

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