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    Newsletter May 2020
01 May 2020
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Peter's reflections ››
Upcoming courses and activities
Linear models, 9-11 June ››
Generalized Linear Models, 15-16 June ››
Mixed Linear Models, 22-23 June ››
Overview of recently announced PhD / postdoc courses ››
Upcoming Events
EU Green week, 1-5 June ››
Conference Environmental Technology for Impact, 3-5 June ››
International SDG Research Symposium, 10-11 June ››
Water Innovation Europe, 22-26 June ››
Upcoming PhD Graduations
Overview of PhD graduations upcoming ››
SENSE highlights
SENSE PhD candidate Dona Azizi receives ISA-ESS paper award

Dear member of the SENSE community,

The A1 course participants will have a good idea from which room I am writing this. Halfway through the course, I rotated my desk by 90 degrees. At least 70% of this room now features in the videos I have been recording for the last 4 weeks for the first online A1 course. I made this turn due to some advice on getting better lighting for my videos. I also moved my microphone closer to my mouth, so the sound levels are hopefully better in the module on Teams in the coming week. If you are wondering what the tics are, it is me trying not to touch the microphone with some part of my arm, and sometimes failing.

I cannot stress enough how weird it is to record myself each week in several videos, without someone talking back or raising a question immediately. I am noticing I have developed new fillers (beside “ehm”, the word “right” for instance); I have noticed certain movements my eyes make independently from each other; apparently, I also have the ability to move one corner of my mouth while keeping the other quite steady. Well, I knew I could, but not that I could do it without me consciously being aware of it. If people say these are strange times, I am pretty sure this is what they mean.........

I guess we are all learning new things: about ourselves, and about others. Things we like, things we do not like. As staff is moving a lot of teaching online, workshops are cancelled or moved to next year, field work is not possible or limited, things may feel different. But I have the impression that slowly, we are adapting. I am hoping that when the dust has settled, we have new insights and have learned new things. But mostly, I just hope I can soon limit having to stare at a version of myself that is trying to say intelligent things to an invisible audience. Or to put it differently: let us hope we will be able to meet each other again face to face soon!

Peter Vermeulen
SENSE education coordinator

Upcoming courses
COVID-19 update
Registration is open for the courses below. They will probably be re-organized in such a way that the courses can be held online. However, there is a chance that they will be postponed.

Linear models, 9-11 June 2020
In this module we continue with Regression, ANOVA, and ANCOVA, set in the general framework of Linear Models.

Generalized Linear Models, 15-16 June 2020
Study how to analyse data that are not normally distributed. Look at fractions (logistic regression), counts (Poisson regression, log-linear models), ordinal data (threshold models), and overdispersion.

Mixed Linear Models, 22-23 June 2020
Study how to analyse dependent data, that is, data for which the assumption of independence needed in Linear Models is violated.
Overview of recently announced PhD / postdoc courses
  • No newly announced courses
More upcoming courses ››
  • No pre-announcements.
Upcoming Events
COVID-19 update
Events are being re-organized to digital editions.

EU Green week, 1-5 June 2020
The EU Green Week 2020 will put the spotlight on biodiversity. It will call for urgent action, explore possible pathways for change, and examine how a range of EU policies like the European Green Deal can help to protect, restore and sustainably manage nature, leaving room for it to recover and thrive.

Conference Environmental Technology for Impact, 3-5 June 2020
The department of Environmental Technology (ETE) of Wageningen University, which PhD candidates participate in the SENSE network, will host the ETE for impact conference to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the department.

International SDG Research Symposium, 10-11 June 2020
The Symposium brings together a broad group of leading social scientists from universities and prominent think tanks for a first stocktaking of what we know about the actual impact of ‘governance through goals’.

Water Innovation Europe, 22-26 June 2020
Water Europe will host the digital Innovative Water Week with online plenary sessions, working group meetings, and digital networking and exhibition opportunities.
Upcoming PhD graduations
COVID-19 update
PhD defences will be held online.

Overview of PhD graduations upcoming period
Marin van Rechteren Pioneering the Edges. Unravelling how bioturbation, seeds and sediment dynamics affect initial establishment of pioneer vegetation at the salt marsh edge
Wageningen University, Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management
Graduation date: 8 May 2020
Bart van Osnabrugge Interpolate, Simulate, Assimilate: operational aspects of improving hydrological forecasts in the Rhine basin
Wageningen University, Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management
Graduation date: 12 May 2020
Iosif Marios Scoullos Laboratory-based assessment of the prevalence of water-borne indicator organisms resulting from the surcharging of combined sewer systems
IHE Delft, Environmental Engineering and Water Technology
Graduation date: 13 May 2020
Arjan Droste Understanding the urban atmosphere through conceptual modelling and opportunistic sensing
Wageningen University, Meteorology & Air Quality
Graduation date: 13 May 2020
Anne Böhnke-Henrichs Turning the tide – How marine ecosystem-service assessments contribute to preserve healthy seas
Wageningen University, Environmental Systems Analysis
Graduation date: 19 May 2020
Melle Jochem Nikkels Farmers as water managers? Challenges in assessing farmers’ influence on regional water systems
Wageningen University, Water Resources Management
Graduation date: 20 May 2020
Marta Antonelli Tracing hydrological connectivity
Wageningen University, Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management
Graduation date: 25 May 2020
Emmanuel Nyadzi Best of Both Worlds: Integrating Scientific and Indigenous Weather and Seasonal Climate Forecast for Adaptive Water and Food Production in Ghana
Wageningen University, Water Systems and Global Change
Graduation date: 27 May 2020
Antonelli Squintu Pan-European homogenization of daily multi-decadal temperature series from station-based observations
Wageningen University, Meteorology and Air Quality
Graduation date: 29 May 2020

More upcoming graduations ››

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